Friday, August 7, 2009

My New Vintage Hot Spot

I love it when I find inexpensive vintage items in the most unlikely places and Stagecraft Studios on Alcatraz in Berkeley, CA is my new hot spot.

They specialize in costumes but if you take the time to dig through the madness, which most vintage lovers do, you can find some really unique pieces.

Here are a few that I found:

I believe this was a small and it was in good condition. The material is taffeta and notice the bubble full skirt. I don't remember how much it costs but I do remember it being worth the price.

This piece is so classic and it's in EXCELLENT condition. This was the last item I took a picture of before my camera ran out of juice, so I didn't get a close-up the amazing buttons. These lovelies alone make the item gorgeous.
Did you know that nice buttons can hike up a retail price?!

This cinched-waist, black'n white, iridescent sequin gown, with a satin chartreuse sash is so gorgeous, and must be seen in person to appreciate it.
If I remember correctly the sales associate told me they only rent this piece, but who knows for the right price, they may sell it. They seem negotiable on some items.

They also carry vintage accessories so don't miss the display case full of gloves, hats, etc in the back.

Now the last time I was there was July 31st, and all of these items were still there.

If you happen to swing by, I'd love to hear about what you find. They get new inventory frequently so don't be discouraged.

Veni, Vidi, Vintage!